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COMPETITION : maximal 6x40 pairs, 20 rounds, 40 boards
TOURNEMENT: maximal 192 pairs, 4-8 rounds, 32 boards , 9 sessions (Automatic mode)
TOURNEMENT: maximal 240 pairs, 20 rounds, 40 boards ,9 sessions (Manual choosen)
MOVEMENTS: c.a. 200 (all Howells, Mitchells, Individual and many more) and create your own with MOVEMENT CREATOR

ROBOTS: Automatic movement search, Automatic tournement construction, Session manager for next session (standard or Swiss), Automatic competition re-indexing pairs.
SCORING: Easy filling, automatic insertion of opponents according to the movement. Swapped hands, arbitral scoring and presentation in normal or IMP's calculation possible.
PRESENTATION: Anything can be shown or printed . Scoringcards , scoringslips, total scoring , total scoring of more sessions, frequency-tabels, scoringtabels, pairmovements, guidecards (the pairnumbers can be adjusted sequencial or in groups for tournement clarity, and the movements are changed automatically.)
PARTICIPANTS: Easy insertion, 'no opponent table possible' (Automatic scoring for that pair , fixed percentage or an average of their total)
PRINTING: Fonttype, fontsize and paperformats can be changed for headers , data etc.
FILES: Data can be loaded and saved on harddisk or floppy and partial information like participants, scoring and movements may be loaded.
HELP: on line helpwindows for most menu's.
CLUBCOMPETITION: Overview for clubcompetion over several sessions possible.
BRIDGETIMER: a easy to set bridgetimer. With sounds via multimedia!
BOARDGENERATOR: Shuffle own boards with many options to adjust the parameters.

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